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Multi-Storey Car Parks
Public Sector
Residential & City Living
  • Accomodation Complex, Cosford
    Accomodation Complex, Cosford
  • Adult Mental Health Hospital, Newham
  • Medical Centre Bradford
    Allerton Medical Centre, Bradford
  • Apartments, Semi & Bungalows, Leeds
    Apartments, Semi Detached Properties & Bungalows, Leeds
  • Apartments, Sheffield
    Apartments, Sheffield
  • Aston University Engineers
    Aston Student Village, Birmingham
  • Aynsley School Engineers
    Aynsley School, Stoke On Trent
  • b&m store
    B & M Home Store, Victoria Retail Park, Beverley
  • Bewleys Hotel Leeds
    Bewleys Hotel, Leeds
  • Bewleys Manchester
    Bewleys Hotel, Manchester Airport
  • Biffa Waste Transfer Station, Tipton
  • Lincoln Blue Light
    Blue Light Campus, Lincolnshire
  • British Hose Society
    British Horse Society, Coventry
  • Cargo Warehouse, East Midlands Airport
  • Car Gate Complex Office Development, Wakefield
    Carr Gate Complex Office Development, Wakefield
  • City Centre Apartments, Birmingham
    City Centre Apartments, Birmingham
  • Co-op
    Co-operative Stores, UK
  • Divisional Police Headquarters, Grantham
    Divisional Headquarters, Bradford
  • Divisional Police Headquarters, Grantham
    Divisional Police Headquarters, Grantham
  • Factory Units, Rotherham
    Factory Units, Rotherham
  • Fusion Tower
    Fusion Tower, Bristol
  • Hampton by Hilton
    Hampton By Hilton, Oxford
  • Holiday Inn Sheffield
    Holiday Inn, Sheffield
  • Humberside Custidy Suite
    Humberside Custody Suite, Grimsby
  • Ibis & Novotel, London
    Ibis, Novotel & Car Park Development, London
  • Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre Structural Engineers
    Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre, Preston
  • Luxury City Centre Apartments, Leeds
    Luxury City Centre Apartments, Leeds
  • Mental Helath Community Centre, Bodmin
    Mental Health Community Hospital, Bodmin
  • Middlestown Medical Centre, Wakefield
  • Morrisons Sittingbourne Supermarket Structure Render
    Morrisons Supermarket, Sittingbourne
  • National Farmers Union
    National Farmers Union, Warwickshire
  • Novotel Manchester Engineering
    Novotel, Ibis and Car Park Development, Manchester
  • Novotel Leeds Engineering
    Novotel, Leeds
  • Nursing & Care Home, Wakefield
  • Office Development, Bradford
    Office Development, Bradford
  • Office Development Nuneaton
    Office Development, Nuneaton
  • Office Headquarters Coventry BJB
    Office Headquarters, Coventry
  • Owlthorpe Medical Centre
    Owlthorpe Medical Centre, Sheffield
  • Portobello Street Sheffield
    Portobello Street, Sheffield
  • Residential Apartments, Birmingham
    Residential Apartments, Birmingham
  • Residential Apartments, Birmingham
    Residential Development, Birmingham
  • Sittingbourne
    Retail Park, Sittingbourne
  • Royal Hospital Sunderland
    Royal Hospital MSCP, Sunderland
  • Royal Victoria Hospital
    Royal Victoria Hospital MSCP and Clinical Facility, Newcastle
  • Bury Street Shopping Centre
    Shopping Centre, Abingdon
  • Sir Stanley Matthews Academy Structural Engineers
    Sir Stanley Matthews Academy, Stoke On Trent
  • St Peters Academy
    St Peters Academy, Stoke
  • The Forum Wallsend
    The Forum, Wallsend